Jeeves and the Wedding Bells by Sebastian Faulks

When I first came across this book, I was skeptical that anyone could re-create P.G. Wodehouse’s beloved characters.   The book was well reviewed by Kirkus and Sebastian Faulks is an excellent writer on his own.  So I opened it with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised.

Jeeves and Wooster are back – Bertie is as bumbling as ever and Jeeves saves the day routinely.  Love and weddings are in the air and one can only imagine what that means for these two.  Without giving anything away, the book quite neatly wraps up any and all problems that Jeeves and Bertie create.   There were quite a few laughs and I rolled my eyes a bit but overall I really enjoyed it.  It definitely makes me want to re-read the originals.  Faulks has channeled Wodehouse quite well and has the language down.  It does not come across as a parody of the original but more an homage to Wodehouse.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves Wodehouse and anyone looking for a fairly light but fun read.  Who can resist that?


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