Thank Goodness for…New Fiction at the Mason!

Here’s what’s new in the Mason Library fiction section for the first part of April:

All the Birds, Singing   –   Wyld, Evelyn Rose Strange

American Romantic       –   Just, Ward S.

Astonish Me             –   Shipstead, Maggie

Ballad of a Small Player   –   Osborne, Lawrence

Bordeaux: The Bitter Finish: A Vengeance   –   Hubbard, Janet

Can’t and Won’t: Stories   –   Davis, Lydia            Can't and Won't cover Carnal Curiosity        –   Woods, Stuart

Cavendon Hall           –   Bradford, Barbara Taylor

Chop Chop               –   Wroe, Simon

Collector               –   Roberts, Nora

Dark Eden               –   Beckett, Chris

Dog Gone, Back Soon     –   Trout, Nick         Dog Gone, Back Soon cover

Family Life             –   Sharma, Akhil

Frangipani Hotel: Fiction   –   Kupersmith, Violet

Fridays at Enrico’s     –   Carpenter, Don

Frog Music              –   Donoghue, Emma

Goblin Emperor          –   Addison, Katherine

High Crime Area: Tales of Darkness and D   –   Oates, Joyce Carol

I Pity the Poor Immigrant   –   Lazar, Zachary        I Pity the Poor Immigrant cover

In Paradise             –   Matthiessen, Peter

Johnstown Girls         –   George, Kathleen

Keep Quiet              –   Scottoline, Lisa

Lie                     –   Dunmore, Helen

Love and Treasure       –   Waldman, Ayelet

Mimi Malloy, at Last!   –   MacDonnell, Julia

Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover   –   Ross, Ann B.

Night Diver             –   Lowell, Elizabeth

Nine Rabbits            –   Zaharieva, Virginia         Nine Rabbits cover

No Way Back             –   Klein, Matthew

Off Course              –   Huneven, Michelle

Opposite of Maybe       –   Dawson, Maddie

Other Language          –   Marciano, Francesca

Other Story             –   De Rosnay, Tatiana

Plover                  –   Doyle, Brian

Poets’ Wives            –   Park, David

Promise                 –   Weisgarber, Ann

Secret Life of William Shakespeare   –   Morgan, Jude     Secret Life of William Shakespeare  cover

Shadow Queen            –   Gulland, Sandra

Single Breath           –   Clarke, Lucy

Steady Running of the Hour   –   Go, Justin

Steal the North         –   Bergstrom, Heather Brittain

Talking to Ourselves    –   Neuman, Andres

Team Seven              –   Burke, Marcus

Ten Thousand Things     –   Spurling, John

Train to Warsaw         –   Edelman, Gwen

Unwrapped Sky           –   Davidson, Rjurik        Unwrapped Sky cover

Warriors: An Alex Hawke Novel   –   Bell, Ted

Word Exchange           –   Graedon, Alena


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