Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

garden spells

Readers, I have found you a summer read that’s just about as light and fluffy as a vanilla cake!


Meet the Waverleys – a family a bit more magical than most. Claire, one of the last remaining Waverleys in their small town, resides in their ancestral Victorian and uses her culinary and horticultural skills to single-handedly run a successful catering business famous for her unusual flavor and ingredient combinations. Content with the security of her known world, Claire is deeply unsettled by the sudden arrival of her sister, Sydney, and Sydney’s daughter, Bay, after 10 years of absence. Sydney, as well as possessing some of her own unique Waverley magic, is dogged by troubles of her own, troubles she hopes to leave far behind the safety of her family home.  Both will find that being together again will set events in motion that neither can fully control, events that will change them and their relationship with each other forever.

Read this if

You like Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman – it’s like its Southern cousin.

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