Looking for a Sauna…At the Library?

The city of Helsinki has approved plans to build a library unlike any other. More like a library complex, this 98 million euro building will include a movie theater, restaurant, cafes, workshop and activity spaces, and yes, a sauna! The building will be located in the center of the city, and construction will begin in 2016, with the doors set to open in 2018.

This library project is yet another example of the trend in which modern libraries are becoming community centers, areas in which many services are provided under the umbrella of a library space.

What do you all think? Is this what libraries must do to remain relevant?

Photo courtesy of Good News from Finland.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a Sauna…At the Library?

  1. Wow, that’s a very good news. And the Sauna! I didn’t know this even if I live in Helsinki. Library has to widen because people are less and less using it for borrowing books which, of course, is such shame. And we need more public places like particularly during the winter time to spend time.

    Also, Helsinki needs even more public Saunas because they are very very popular at moment. Especially because of the tourist that seem to love to go on those. Sauna & reading art books when chilling in between. I would really like the idea.

    1. Thanks for your comment! How interesting to hear a perspective from someone who lives in Helsinki. That is very cool. Reading about art and then going for a sauna sounds pretty perfect (:

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