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Thank Goodness for…New Fiction at the Mason!

Here’s what’s new in the Mason Library fiction section for the first part of April:

All the Birds, Singing   –   Wyld, Evelyn Rose Strange

American Romantic       –   Just, Ward S.

Astonish Me             –   Shipstead, Maggie

Ballad of a Small Player   –   Osborne, Lawrence

Bordeaux: The Bitter Finish: A Vengeance   –   Hubbard, Janet

Can’t and Won’t: Stories   –   Davis, Lydia            Can't and Won't cover Carnal Curiosity        –   Woods, Stuart

Cavendon Hall           –   Bradford, Barbara Taylor

Chop Chop               –   Wroe, Simon

Collector               –   Roberts, Nora

Dark Eden               –   Beckett, Chris

Dog Gone, Back Soon     –   Trout, Nick         Dog Gone, Back Soon cover

Family Life             –   Sharma, Akhil

Frangipani Hotel: Fiction   –   Kupersmith, Violet

Fridays at Enrico’s     –   Carpenter, Don

Frog Music              –   Donoghue, Emma

Goblin Emperor          –   Addison, Katherine

High Crime Area: Tales of Darkness and D   –   Oates, Joyce Carol

I Pity the Poor Immigrant   –   Lazar, Zachary        I Pity the Poor Immigrant cover

In Paradise             –   Matthiessen, Peter

Johnstown Girls         –   George, Kathleen

Keep Quiet              –   Scottoline, Lisa

Lie                     –   Dunmore, Helen

Love and Treasure       –   Waldman, Ayelet

Mimi Malloy, at Last!   –   MacDonnell, Julia

Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover   –   Ross, Ann B.

Night Diver             –   Lowell, Elizabeth

Nine Rabbits            –   Zaharieva, Virginia         Nine Rabbits cover

No Way Back             –   Klein, Matthew

Off Course              –   Huneven, Michelle

Opposite of Maybe       –   Dawson, Maddie

Other Language          –   Marciano, Francesca

Other Story             –   De Rosnay, Tatiana

Plover                  –   Doyle, Brian

Poets’ Wives            –   Park, David

Promise                 –   Weisgarber, Ann

Secret Life of William Shakespeare   –   Morgan, Jude     Secret Life of William Shakespeare  cover

Shadow Queen            –   Gulland, Sandra

Single Breath           –   Clarke, Lucy

Steady Running of the Hour   –   Go, Justin

Steal the North         –   Bergstrom, Heather Brittain

Talking to Ourselves    –   Neuman, Andres

Team Seven              –   Burke, Marcus

Ten Thousand Things     –   Spurling, John

Train to Warsaw         –   Edelman, Gwen

Unwrapped Sky           –   Davidson, Rjurik        Unwrapped Sky cover

Warriors: An Alex Hawke Novel   –   Bell, Ted

Word Exchange           –   Graedon, Alena


Classics, according to a library guru…

“Nancy Pearl Turns Back The Pages With Picks From The Past”

Looking for book recommendations? Look no further! Nancy Pearl, perhaps the only librarian modeled into an action figure, walks you through some of her favorites in this NPR interview from December of 2013.