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No Meat, No Problem! – Vegetarian Cooking Class at the Ramsdell


On Wednesday, July 9th, the Ramsdell Library in Housatonic hosted local amateur chef Lia Douillet for the first of a series of vegetarian cooking classes.

Check out what this happy patron had to say about the class!

What I learned at the Ramsdell Library class on vegetarian cooking: 

You can “bloom” curry power in a frying pan.

You can put a dab of cold compound butter on vegetables steamed in miso broth and let it melt like a lump on a Delmonico steak.

Once you have chiffonaded and dressed the raw kale salad, you need to massage it to make the greens submit and not choke you.

How to not curdle the yoghurt you add to the aromatic curried cauliflower.

That when they say finely mince the garlic or ginger, that doesn’t mean you can roughly chop it and call it rustic.

You can cook a whole meal without a kitchen, an oven or a dishwasher (in the library).

Next week: soups, stocks and sauces. There are five spots available for this fun, free class which runs for the next three Wednesdays from 7 to 8pm. Call for reservation: 274-3738


Seeds in the Stacks: Libraries Begin Loaning Out Seeds

Thought libraries were just for books? Think again! Three branches of The Durham County Libraries in North Carolina are opening up “seed libraries,” where patrons can check out seeds to plant at home, then return saved seeds from their crops to restock the collection for the next year.

As an article in takepart.com explains,

With books following card catalogs off paper and into the digital ether, dealing in something tangible like seeds is revitalizing for a public library. Such a program, Abel continues, is a way of “renewing ourselves as a hub of the community.”

How exciting! With these seed catalogs sprouting up, libraries are taking community building to a whole new level.