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English Language Learners and the Library

Check out this great article put out by the School Library Journal* about resources for English Language Learners in school and public libraries. In as diverse a country as the U.S., libraries must respond to the varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds of their patron bases.

Something I found particularly interesting about this article was how it addressed the complications inherent in the acquisition of items in other languages. For example, the Minneapolis-St.Paul area has the largest Hmong population in the United States – but actually acquiring material in Hmong is complicated by the fact that the Hmong language has only had a written form since the 1950’s. Even though we can be lulled by our “Google it” culture, some things are really tricky, (bordering on almost impossible!) to find. That makes the role of librarians even more important – we love the search!

*Many thanks to Geek the Library for posting wonderful articles on their Facebook page, including this one (: